Hi, I’m Lisa.

An artist from Los Angeles. You may find my sounds on various streaming platforms. I enjoy helping others in various ways. There is so much more I’d like to say but I’ll probably do most of my communication through my art.

Early on

Although music has been my life since I was 3, I never really stopped making music and sounds. It really took off around 2013 when Vine was a thing. That was the first time I really took a shot at being on the internet and attempted not to be shy. Lots of track singles were uploaded and soon deleted. Since then, things have shifted a bit.


Today, I work with mostly visual stuff. I’ve tried all kinds of paint, colors, and mediums. I love acrylic paint pours and alcohol inks. I had lots of art videos on my platforms and gained some quality friends along the way. With current world situations, lots of things have come to light. And now, it’s time to shine extra bright.