Easy DIY fabric bookshelves

These simple fabric strapped bookshelves are today's easy 30-minute sewing project.

You will need:



Sewing machine

Fabric of choice

Small planks of wood (length is optional)

Large metal rings

Screws and anchors for the wall (or nails, command strip hooks?)

First, I cut a piece of fabric about 35 inches in length and 6 inches in width. You can adjust to your needs, just make sure that every strap is the same size.

Next, fold the fabric long ways, with the pattern inside the fold. Sew a long straight stitch seam all the way along the edge.

Next, we'll turn it inside out.

And sew right over the stitched seam with another straight stitch.

Give it a matching straight stitch seam on the opposite side as well.

Next, we need to cut off the frayed edges.

You may not have to if you would like to finish this part a different way but I simply wanted to give it an easier finish.

Collect your ends together.

Now, sew the ends together after putting the metal ring inside.

So because this edge is exposed, I gave it a pretty stitch.

Next, put the screws into the wall and slip the wooden planks into position.

Time to add toys and fun stuff.

Tag me if you tried it!

Thanks for reading this.

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