DIY small purple cell phone bag

Sewing a cell phone bag. I don't have exact measurements because those will be determined by your own phone. So here we go...

First, you will want to select your fabric and size up your phone.

I cut various shapes because I wanted a couple of pockets and a zipper pocket for my car key.

My first piece was 15 inches and my second was 10 inches.

I started with the hooks that go on the highest part of the bag. Creating two loops out of some strips of fabric, I put the loops in and turned the pretty sides inside and stitched them into place.

This is where you would stitch.

Next, I added a pocket with a zipper in the inside of the longest pieces of fabric and then stitch the sides.

Next, we flip the whole thing inside out from the bottom. Create a long strip for the bag handle.

Don't forget to sew the bottom.

This bag fit everything I needed. Phone, keys, cash, cards, etc. But I wish I had inserted a more stable fabric in between to give it some more strength. If you make something similar, let me know. :)

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