YouTube approves my artist channel

So, YouTube has now given me the music tick on my channel and here is how I did it.

First of all, I did nothing too special to get it other than write music for the past 12+ years. And never knew who to contact or what forms to submit to get their attention and say “Hey, I’m workin over here!”

I recently set all the years of work to private after fearing a COPPA fine. In the later years, I began using Distrokid to distribute my work. Originally, I had tried to post my music to Instagram’s regular feed (not stories) and I got flagged. So, while I was looking for a way to whitelist my Instagram, I found the way to whitelist my YouTube.

Under settings in Distrokid, there is a link to whitelist your YouTube channel. After doing that, I got an email saying YouTube was going to review it. I didn't think much of it and really didn't expect to get my channel cleared since there was nothing on it.

Less than a week later, I posted a comment on someone's video and noticed a music note after my name. I was a bit confused and didn't see anything different through the main app.

The next day, I fired up the desktop and there it was. The ability to create polls and add pictures. Freakin awesome! Seems like it means a lot and nothing at all. Both at the same damn time.

Anyway, if you are a musician and would like to join Distrokid because it is the most cost-effective way to get your sound everywhere, then here is my referral link:

Join Distrokid

Yes, I will get paid to refer you, but you can also get paid to refer others when you join. Plus, you get a discount for joining under my link. And if you use it, I will appreciate you even more.

Thank you.


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